Three tips on how to navigate Google Maps

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 19, 2019

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DURBAN - Everybody loves a long weekend, and many South Africans take advantage of them to go away or enjoy a staycation. 

When you do go travelling - technology can help. Below, we outline 3 ways Google Maps can people when they are travelling whether they are staycationing or travelling further afield.


If you open Google Maps and go to the ‘Explore’ tab, it shows you places, events and lists of things near you - tailored to your location at the time, so you’ll always get relevant results. 

Lists are particularly useful if you’re after venues that fall into a specific theme - like playgrounds in Cape Town. 

To explore all of the lists curated for a city just click the ‘city guides’ button and explore at your leisure. If there isn’t a list that meets your needs, you can create one of your own and share it so other parents can benefit when they’re in your area. 

A ‘Trending Weekly’ list is curated by Google based on what people are up to and where they’re going in any given week, so is useful if you’re after the latest and greatest goings-on.

Source: Google Maps

‘Near me’ searches

Google Maps automatically shows you places of interest in your immediate vicinity. Type in ‘child-friendly’ and it’ll narrow that selection down based on how venues list themselves or how they’ve been reviewed by previous visitors. 

Source: Google Maps

Narrow it down

Once you’ve got your short-list you can use reviews by other Maps users and Local Guides to narrow it down to something that suits you perfectly. Local Guides is a global community of Google Maps users who contribute reviews and photos and answer questions on places they’ve been to. All of which adds up to some pretty honest evaluations of each venue plus pics which you can use to judge if a place is what you’re after, or not quite it. Local Guides get points for their interactions, so they get to have fun while you benefit. 

If you’re an Android user, Maps will make personal recommendations based on what it knows of your preferences (you can fill these in under settings) to give you a totally tailored experience. 

Source: Google Maps


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