WATCH: This app links estate agents to their sellers in real time

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Mar 17, 2019

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DURBAN – The Roundr mobile app is empowering estate agents across South Africa to save serious time when it comes to their daily communication and reporting tasks. 

With around 2000 users and climbing daily, it is clear South African estate agents are beginning to use the Roundr concept to their advantage.

Roundr takes all agents’ daily admin and places it into a simple app that can be used on the go. The app maintains 100 percent confidentiality of buyer and seller details. The main functions are:

  1. Fast viewing scheduling between multiple parties in a format specific to the real estate industry
  2. Easy and securely stored feedback to agents’ clients; working with other agents on deals
  3. Automatic and accurate reporting

Daisy Burton, co-founder of Roundr said, "We have interacted with a lot of agents using the app, who say they are seeing a noteworthy reduction in their time spent on phone calls and the daily admin of noting down all their interactions. We have also received great constructive feedback from users which feeds into our daily development of the app". 

Burton added, "Our aim is to make agents’ work easier through technology, as we know just how many tasks an agent has to fit into their day". 

Alongside concluding an agreement with an international funding partner, Roundr has also signed endorsement deals with Both STBB and Ooba Home Loans – both entities that work closely with estate agents and agencies in the industry. 

Jansen Myburgh, the chief executive said, "We are proud to be backed by and associated with both STBB and Ooba Home loans. These are solid brands who are also in the business of striving to make agents’ work more efficient and effective, through the work they do". 

Roundr has big things planned for the rest of 2019, with version 2 of the mobile app, as well as the new desktop app being released in the next few months. 

Version 2 of the mobile app includes exciting new features and a whole new look and feel for ease of use.
The Roundr mobile app is free to download on both the App store and Play store, and free to use indefinitely for certain functions. An unlimited subscription costs $9.99 (+-R145) monthly.


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