Nomzamo Mbatha is one of the faces of L'Oreal Paris. Picture Gavin Blok

Falling in love with a brand that spoke to her is what has made Marketa Havlik-Liebenberg grow with L’Oréal Paris.

Straight after university she went into their internship programme that takes in students every year.

“I had heard about the programme and I fell in love with the company in university already and I said I wanted to be part of the organisation.”

The programme wasn’t a paying one so it was up to Havlik-Liebenberg to show her worth.

“I was a committed youngster and I loved the brand, and for six months worked for nothing until I asked my boss to start giving me petrol money,” she said.

The Blue Train hosted media and friends of beauty giant L'Oreal Paris for an evening of luxury in celebration of it's journey in the country.  Picture: Gavin Blok

After being hired on a permanent basis, the now General Manager of Consumer Products at the beauty giant, first started working on beauty line Maybelline and got the opportunity to travel abroad during the heydays of supermodels like Christy Turlington when she was the ambassador.

“During that time I had an interview at another beauty company. L’Oréal has something in the DNA of the slogan and the brand. The other company wasn’t an empowering women’s company. They offered more money but I turned them down. The quality and message of L’Oréal, more than anything else, spoke to me.”

Marketa Havlik-Liebenberg is the General Manager of Consumer Products for L’Oréal Paris South Africa. 

You’re worth it has been on the lips of many women the world over and the likes of Jane Fonda, Andie MacDowell, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria and Doutzen Kroes have helped spread this message for years.

“It started a movement which was saying you are self-empowered on this journey of self-actualization, and knowing that you can be an inspiration to other people. From the early 1950's it has been embracing that mould. L’Oréal makes a statement before the rest of the world catches on to a concept because they are not scared to be a little bit more militant- prepared to debate and liberate.”

The famous faces of beauty giant L'Oreal Paris. Picture: Gavin Blok

With faces including supermodel Liya Kebede and South Africa’s very own Nomzamo Mbatha the brand is focused on spreading its message across the globe.

“The brand has a lot of scope in growing its diversity through its journey in Africa, Asia and South America. Today the brand is delivering that message to people who are desperately seeking it as well.”

In August, L’Oréal celebrated its journey in the country with a special treat on the Blue Train. Friends of the brand, including Mbatha and many other celebrated faces came on board to experience a night like no other while enjoying the sounds of Femi Koya and testing products that the beauty giant has to offer and indulging in a three course meal.

Havlik-Liebenberg said the brand, though it had been in the country for many decades, was always reinventing itself to continue to deliver the best quality in their skincare, haircare and beauty products because all their consumers are worth it.