Beauty secrets: Lisa Rinna, 48, cites egg-white facials and cinnamon stick lip-plumpers as her kitchen-to-face essentials. Picture: Peter Kramer/AP

Olivia Fleming

Actress Lisa Rinna has revealed her secret at-home beauty tricks that keep her looking youthful.

The 48-year-old cites egg white facials and cinnamon stick lip-plumpers as her kitchen-to-face essentials.

The Days of Our Lives star explained the science behind each pantry item, and the effect it can have on your face, with the help of a plastic surgeon during an appearance on The Doctors.

The actress said she swore by her egg-white facials.

“Take the yolk out, put the egg white on your face and it hardens and tightens it. It’s like an instant facelift,” she said.

Dr Andrew Ordon agreed, explaining: “It is like a short-term facelift. It’s a mask and an astringent filled with proteins. Those proteins help put the moisture back in your skin. It shrivels you up and you wash it off.”

Rinna, who has Juvederm fillers, Botox, lip-plumping and breast implants, complained in 2009 that she looked like a “freak” after too much Juvederm was put into her cheeks.

She told Momlogic: “I tried it because my girlfriends did it. I saw a photo and I was like, ‘That’s no good. That’s NOT good’.”

Now, though, she says, “It’s all about taking care of yourself and feeling good.”

Famous for her plumped-up lips, Rinna said: “A fun little trick if you want to plump up your lips, so to speak, is a little cinnamon. Just put a little on your lips.”

Ordon explained: “It’s a little inflammation, and temporarily plumps those lips up. It makes them swollen from an inflammatory reaction.

“So why not?”

Rinna continued with a recipe for an at-home hand and facial exfoliant, using egg, honey, lemon oil, olive oil and sugar.

“Or, you could eat it if you’re hungry,” she joked.

Her remedy for early morning puffy eyes is haemorrhoid pads.

She said: “I used to take haemorrhoid cream and put it under my eyes. It actually works, it shrinks what’s underneath.

“But now they have little pads, which you can use while you take a five- to 10-minute rest.”

The doctor clarified: “It shrinks the blood vessels, it’s an astringent as well. You get a little contraction, so you’re doing a little eyelid surgery on yourself.” – Daily Mail