I read in The Star of January 14 an article about a pupil in Limpopo who, after trying to pass matric for the third time, failed and then committed suicide.

In my experience I have found that when teachers are not trained to teach the pupils at a certain grade, the teacher does more harm than good in the classroom, which in turn stunts the development of the education of the child.

To ensure that quality education is taught in the classroom we need qualified teachers who are able to teach at that grade.

This means that teachers have to be trained at a college that has skilled and qualified lecturers so as to lift the standard of education.

Second, the syllabus has to be of a high standard as the world is becoming more competitive.

Third, Asian countries that see English as necessary in order to be able to communicate with the rest of the world have hired English teachers from South Africa, Australia and the UK.

I suggest that we hire maths and science teachers from abroad to teach these subjects in our schools.

And last, when we discard certain groups of people from enhancing South Africa positively, South Africans suffer.

So under the constitution, all South African citizens are equal and have an equal right to enhance our children’s education.

Peter Lomax

Lombardy East