GOAL-DRIVEN: Bontle Modiselle has her all-encompassing career path mapped out and there's no stopping her.
Long-lasting and culture-shifting influence is what Bontle Modiselle is all about. The CLUB 808 host and choreographer recently partnered with AU Gold Vodka as their new ambassador.

“AU Gold is the new kid on the block who is disruptive, on a mission to make the greatest impact in the industry it’s in. In an authentic way, exactly my approach.”

Modiselle's rise in the entertainment industry is only getting stronger.

“I have always been bold and unapologetic about who I am and all I stand for. As a “born free” - both in the political and mental state - now more than ever, I am in a space that has allowed me to be relentlessly real, always ensuring I consistently thrive, but remain true to myself.

"It’s an even greater motivation and incentive to be trusted with the responsibility of representing South Africa’s first black-owned Vodka, contributing to a greater mission to support black initiative and business on a grander scale.”

Her ambassadorship is a year-long partnership with the brand that will see Modiselle as spokesperson, with ambassadorship commitments.

Her presenting role on the music show Club 808 has introduced her to an even larger audience.

“I’ve had an incredible influx of love and support from those who have supported me for the longest time, to gaining a newer audience who have shown equal if not more support. Folks, don’t just root for Bontle the dancer, but rather Bontle, the all-round entertainer. I’m deeply appreciative of it all.”

Even though the dreadlock beauty has ventured into TV presenting, her roots are still firmly placed in dancing.

“I’m going to have my dance fitness classes that I will be hosting. People just need to keep posted on my social media for all the details.”

The future looks bright for the talented young star, who also starred in South Africa’s first dance movie, Hear Me Move. She has her sights set on hosting more productions and being cast in more films.

"In the next two years, the likelihood is that I’ll be in a much better position than what I could envision for myself, but I would really love to see myself hosting some of the best TV productions, cast in another successful feature film for cinema, and choreographing and creative directing some of the best shows for TV and live performance through my company, Afrique In Motion.”

Her main goal for her career is to ultimately be a renowned, well respected all-round entertainer and businesswoman.