HOLLYWOOD GLAM: Hrush Achemyan
Picture: YouTube

If Hollywood makeup artist Hrush Achemyan (corr) listened to her detractors, she wouldn't have been the success she is today.

Despite the widespread criticism, the beautician has managed to stay true to her passion which has led her working with the likes of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters.

“Everyone told me to stop but if I listened I wouldn't be here today,” she told a gathering of beauty enthusiasts in Joburg this week.

Achemyan was in South Africa for the first time to host ‘The Ultimate Makeup Show’  a live makeup up tutorial which was held at Montecasino to commemorate Women’s Day.

This event was the first of its kind with scores of mostly women forking out thousands of rands to book a spot at the show.

The crowd was welcomed by South Africa’s ‘Queen B’, media personality Bonang Matheba, who was the host of the day’s proceedings.

She confessed that she is an avid follower of  Achemyan’s work and is glued to the artists social media accounts makeup tips and tricks.

Meanwhile actress, television presenter, model, entrepreneur and fashion blogger Shashi Naidoo (corr) was Achemyan’s muse for the day.

The crowd learnt about the US artists trade secrets as she applied a variety of different makeup on Naidoo’s face.

As the crowd watched and took notes, Achemyan maintained that her success was years in the making and that it took years of practice.

She explained that she is passionate about makeup because looking good is a way for women to be confident.

“The greatest weapon any women can know if how to beautify themselves,” she said which elicited cheers from the crowd.

“Beauty is power and on this Women's Day I'm going to give you ammunition.”

Achemyan is no stranger to the makeup world and has an impressive social media following with millions of people flocking to her Instragram and Twitter accounts to get advice and tips.

Although she has been a make-up artist for years, one of her big breaks came when she did reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian’s makeup.

One of the biggest things Achemyan stressed during her tutorial was that she wanted to teach people how to apply makeup which could last for up to 12 years a day.

She said that over the years she learnt her own technique to achieve this and she wanted to share it.

But the biggest makeup lesson that she want women to take with them was to achieve symmetry.

“It's scientifically proven that beauty is symmetry and it intrigues the human eye when they see things which are symmetrical.”

She said that in order to achieve this, Achemyan said women should know their flaws.

"You have to know what's wrong with your face in order to fix it."

She gave the example of the left side of a person’s face which is usually more flattering than the right side.

This was because the heart is on the left side of the body and therefore pumps more blood to that side.

It could then mean that the left eye was fuller and higher on the face but there are makeup tricks to elevate the other side.

Other basic lessons she preached was to learn what shape your face is and work with it.

Achemyan said she was believed in the power of positive thinking and that she firmly believed that the universe gives you what you want.

“If you are struggling with anything in my life say that I will do better, I will learn and I will excel.”