Robbi Addison writes: I wish to complain about street cleaning in Bez Valley. Four years ago I spoke to environmental health regarding water flowing down our street and nothing was done.

Today, the streets have not been cleaned for many months, resulting in a build-up of leaves and waste, added to by the continued flow of water. I have tried the councillor and environmental health who told me to get the streets cleaned myself.

People are being paid for this.

Addison writes again: Just to let you know they did come last Friday and half swept the street in our bit of the road. They left a load of muck from the water behind. The bit by my house had to be cleaned that evening by my neighbour and I as the smell was too awful.

I reported the running water on June 6, and still, environmental health has done nothing at all. It still runs day and night. I actually first reported this in 2008.