Kabelo "KB" Mpye has been missing since July 15. He was last seen leaving Ekuthuleni Guest House in Vosloorus on Sunday July 15.

JOHANNESBURG- The disappearance of a West Rand man has turned the lives of his family upside down as they battle to understand what could have happened to their loved one.

On Friday July 13 Kabelo "KB" Mpye booked at the Ekuthuleni Guest House in Vosloorus. He was to start his new job on Monday in JetPark. Two days later, however, Kabelo was seen walking out on of the guest house.

July 15 was the last day anyone had seen him and his family has not been able to find peace since. Kabelo seems to have disappeared with no trace.

His father Oupa Mpye said the family looked for him everywhere...hospitals, prison and mortuaries but there has been no  trace of him. He said even they even sough the help of a cousin who lives in Natalspruit but so far with no luck.

"He has been looking for him at the Vosloorus Hospital and other hospitals with no luck. From the police side it has been quite. I went to the bank to ask them to trace for me where last he withdraw money and they told me that they can’t help me if I don’t have power of attorney,” Oupa said.

Oupa said the last time he saw his son was the weekend before he left. He said he looked okay and was looking forward to the new job. Oupa said his wife's cousin had arranged an accommodation for Kabelo in Vosloorus. However, he later found out that after a few days of staying with them, Kabelo  decided to go book into a guest house. When he arrived at the guest house, he sent his father a message.

“He sent an SMS saying he was fine. He also said he had a new phone although he didn’t give us the number. I followed up the number and it seems like he was using a phone of another guest in the guesthouse that he was living in."

Speaking to The Star on condition of anonymity, staff members at the guest house shed some light on what happened before Kabelo disappeared.

 “Thami Malinga was on duty when he [Kabelo] arrived at Friday night. When we arrived for our shift the following morning, we found him here.  Thami also told us that Kabelo drank a lot, didn't sleep and had been moving around the place.

"At some point he even came and sat here at the reception."

The workers said after a disagreement with a manager at work, Thami left and went back home to KwaZulu Natal. 

Before leaving, Thami had also told them that Kabelo had on that Friday come back to the guest house with alcohol.

One of the workers said on Saturday morning, she tried to get inside Kabelo's room to clean it.

"I knocked and told him that I want to clean. He was sitting on top of the bed and he looked stressed. He told me to give him sheets and a mop. I told him that we are not allowed to do that, but I ended up giving them to him. I was later told the he has left. We don’t know where he went. He didn’t write his home address,” said the source.

The guest house staff said when Kabelo arrived, he was not using a car and had a small bag that didn’t have clothes. When he left, he left a helmet and reflector vest that was written his name and surname. On the helmet was the date 11/07/18.

The guest house manager, Bonga Ngqola Kabelo’s aunt arrived to the guest house and met with the staff. 

"I was not there, but police contacted me to confirm whether Kabelo indeed booked at the guest house. I'm not sure where he is,” she said.

 Vosloorus police spokesperson Captain Piet Rossouw said a case of a missing person was opened at Vosloorus Police Station.

 “We are still looking for him. He is not found yet. The case is still open and investigation is still going on."