Letitia A Carroll of Linmeyer writes: Before January our water and electricity usage was between R800 and R1 200 a month. We never received a statement again, until March.

And then it was R13 000 and this is obviously due to incorrect estimates as City Power claim a meter reading of 54.852 while the actual reading is 43.873.

I have been in to their offices twice, have sent six e-mails, faxed one letter and spoken to two people on the helpline, with no result.

On April 15 I received a pre-termination notice, stating that I am to pay the outstanding amount of R12 965 or face summons or disconnection.

All I want is someone to come out to take an accurate reading and reverse this insane amount.

I have in good faith continued to pay my average account costs and have never missed a payment on this account in more than 20 years.

Carroll writes again: I am delighted to announce that I have received my water and lights statement and it has been correctly adjusted, consolidated and updated. As you are aware, I have been attempting to get this rectified for more than six months now.

The new meter readings have been inputted and I am now slightly in credit. Thank you so much for your intervention and all your efforts, without which I would still be struggling to rectify my account.

Inber Moodley writes: Thanks a lot to (Joburg call centre operator) Michelle Smit for her assistance, we need more people like her around in the service industry. She was really helpful.

Boris Yawitch writes: On October 27, 2010, M Abrams and I, as joint owners, took transfer of a property in Riviera. With the help of Metrowatch we got an account and reference number on May 13, 2011. A year and half later, we have still not received an account for rates. No wonder Joburg is short of a few billions of rand if it sends accounts only to those unwilling to pay. Willing payers don’t seem to get an account.

Yawitch writes again: Thanks, I have now received my statement.