I heard Joburg City manager Trevor Fowler in a Talk Radio 702 interview saying all is going according to plan to sort out the billing problems.

This plan was independently reviewed by a project manager, whose findings were that there is no plan, only very vague statements of intent.

To date no current statistics of how many accounts are wrong, for how long, and how many have been corrected, have been supplied. It is no wonder that Fowler and his ANC cadres make these sweeping false statements. When the Joburg metro merged a number of databases a few years ago they “lost” about 40 000 accounts. We have had no update on these accounts.

Fowler’s latest idea is they will send you an SMS when you are five days overdue or fine you. This is just another scam to fleece the ratepayers.

Incidentally, he did mention that they did not have all the residents’ cellphone numbers. I fear their chance of getting that right is zero.

I still maintain until you get rid of incompetent ANC cadres, starting at the top, and replace them with skilled people, you will never sort this mess out.

Leo Tuttelberg

Berario, Joburg