Singer, songwriter and cultural figure questions meaning of freedom in new single

Nomsa and Thandiswa Mazwai teame up on a politically-charged festive anthem Insta Life. Photo Social Media

Nomsa and Thandiswa Mazwai teame up on a politically-charged festive anthem Insta Life. Photo Social Media

Published Feb 21, 2024


For singer, songwriter and cultural activist, Nomsa Mazwai also known as Nomisupasta, freedom means the ability to live without fear which is why her new single, ‘Be Free’ , comes at the right time as South Africans, especially the youth, grapple with their own version of freedom.

With the release of her recent single, the youngest of three gifted sisters from the Mazwai household has unleashed her spirited take on the concept of freedom and what it means to be free in a world that aspires to be free but seldom realises the true meaning of this idealistic concept.

She is of the view that the of her latest single poignantly poetically dissects societal norms and consumerist culture, shedding light on the paradox of modern-day freedom.

“Freedom means the ability to live without fear. It means being able to become what you dream if you put in the work. It means being free to grow old. It means being able to exist. I wrote this song cause I had to do something with all pain I’ve been feeling about Palestine, about Congo, about Sudan and everywhere else in the world where profit is more important than people.

“In the song I want to remind all of us that true freedom comes from doing good, it cannot be bought or sold and it’s one of those things that is enjoyed collectively,” she tells The Star her inspiration for penning this new song.

Nomsa Mazwai. | Sizwe Ndingane Independent Newspapers

With a series of wars in Palestine, Ukraine, Congo, Sudan and other parts of war ravished territories of the word, Mazwai says as long as other people are still not free, the world will never truly rest.

“What more do we need to see, to see the world for what it has become?” she questions in her song as she offers music lovers a raw and unapologetic critique of a system that thrives on exploitation and deception.

In a world where the definition of freedom seems blurred, Nomisupasta fearlessly delves into the essence of liberation and challenges listeners to ponder: What does it truly mean to be free?

“For as long as some people are not free, we are all living in comfortable captivity. We may not see it, but the enslavement of the Congolese on cobalt mines has many of us enslaved conspicuous consumers. I’m tired of feeling the pain capitalism creates in the name of profit. Palestine is not a religious war, South Africa’s apartheid was not about skin colour, and the war in Congo is not about ethnicity. Lack of freedom always has been and always will be about resources and profit,” she adds.

With BeFree, Nomisupasta is determined to ignite deep and serious conversations about the profound disconnect between the marketed facade of freedom and the stark reality of our existence.

From the exploitation of natural resources to geopolitical conflicts cloaked in religious rhetoric, she fearlessly confronts the illusions that shroud our understanding of liberty.

This latest single marks Nomisupasta’s triumphant return to the music scene after a brief and unexpected hiatus, setting the stage for a series of forthcoming projects that promise to challenge conventions and inspire change.

BeFree is not just a song; it’s a rallying cry for authenticity, empowerment, and genuine liberation,” she reveals.

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