Karsene bridge on the M2 will be closed off to motorists until 2019 due to major repairs that are being done on it.

Johannesburg - The Kaserne Bridge on the M2 freeway in Johannesburg will be closed from Monday and re-opened towards the end of 2019.

This will affect thousands of motorists who use the road. Johannesburg Metro Police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the bridge was closed due to major cracks on the road that need to be repaired.

“There are major repairs to Kaserne Bridge. The repairs started yesterday [Sunday]. We want to call on motorists to be patient and use alternative routes.”

“The M2 east has now been blocked off between the Joe Slovo off-ramp and Maritzburg road,” he said.

It is believed that the project will cost R30 million and will include repairs to bridge joints, bearings, corbel and the replacement of guardrails, stolen road furniture and concrete works. 

Motorists travelling along the affected routes are also advised to move to the slow lanes,  travel at a safe distance and reduced speed upon entry into the construction area, be aware of construction workers on site and also adhere to traffic guidelines, flag persons and signages.

The Kaserne Bridge was constructed almost 50 years years ago.

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