ActionSA launches national anti-corruption campaign, promises infrastructure completion and digital inclusion

ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba. Picture: File

ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba. Picture: File

Published Apr 2, 2024


ActionSA has launched its national campaign to eradicate corruption in all spheres of government if elected for this year’s elections.

The party’s team members and premier candidates will embark in all provinces addressing corruption in government, and holding those involved accountable.

One of ActionSA's focal points will be the deliberate inadequacy of infrastructure, aimed at providing South Africans with essential resources such as water and sanitation, as well as ensuring the construction of quality, sustainable bridges, housing, and transportation access.

The Star on Tuesday asked about the party’s approach to find tangible solutions to the issue of incomplete infrastructure projects. They indicated their intention to introduce new criminal classifications for corruption, aiming to establish the violation of the Executive Ethics Act and the misuse of political influence as criminal offences. Additionally, the party stated its plans to amend the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, to include the unlawful activities of the construction mafia and economic infrastructure damage as criminal offences.

According to the party’s deputy communications director, James de Villiers, ActionSA will focus on developing the country’s economic infrastructure for job creation and a successful economy, to compete with first world economies.

“We will ensure that South African businesses prosper by investing in projects that develop reliable electricity supply, transport, and telecommunication. ActionSA will implement a targeted public works programme by investing in projects that have a high potential for job creation, economic growth, and economic competitiveness,” said De Villiers.

Furthermore, the party said it would focus on upgrading transportation infrastructure to ensure equitable access for all citizens in their daily commute to and from work. They highlighted the alarming reality where a significant portion of individuals spend a considerable portion of their salary on transportation costs.

“We will launch a public works programme to upgrade high-volume rail networks and national and provincial roads. ActionSA will integrate rural roads that serve agriculture and mining sectors with rail networks to improve the transport of goods,” he said.

De Villiers hinted at plans to improve telecommunications infrastructure in rural areas, particularly for low-income households, aiming to enhance internet access and bridge the digital divide. “We will develop network infrastructure for under-served communities, by partnering with the private sector and improving existing government programmes to deliver broadband internet connectivity to low-income households. This will empower people to develop their digital skills and increase access to economic opportunities.”

De Villiers emphasised that ActionSA will hold corrupt officials in government and local municipalities accountable by further implementing scrutiny measures to ensure the public can access their rights to service delivery.

“Eliminating corruption in municipalities begins with identifying corrupt acts. We will provide training to competent municipal officials and decision-makers on how to detect corruption. We will also implement surveillance and monitoring systems to proactively identify corruption, bribery, and illegal transactions,” he said.

“ActionSA will further improve local governments and fix under performing municipalities by placing the service delivery needs of residents first. The party will set minimum acceptable turnaround times for the resolution of service delivery issues, like infrastructure repairs and water leaks. We will hold officials and relevant departments accountable for non-performance.”

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