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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Actor Mokhethi turns back on sangoma calling

PHOTO 1: Popular TV star Thabiso Mokhethi receives art works from street vendor Josphinah Malebe at the Three Roundavels in Graskop.

PHOTO 1: Popular TV star Thabiso Mokhethi receives art works from street vendor Josphinah Malebe at the Three Roundavels in Graskop.

Published Sep 12, 2023


Johannesburg - Former Generations actor and gospel show presenter Thabiso Mokhethi has denounced his sangoma calling and returned to his Christian faith.

Mokhethi recently announced via social media that he would not be consulting sangomas or using his gift of prophecy to further the traditional healing route but would instead channel his energies into returning to his Christian faith.

“I have taken the decision that I am resigning from being a sangoma. I am resigning from consulting. I am resigning from the bonds that I allowed myself to enter into when I was seeking healing, spiritually, emotionally, physically… I will no longer serve as a sangoma, and this is my form of public resignation,” he said recently on social media.

While speaking during a podcast interview, Mokhethi said after losing his parents, his brother and his wife, he felt a big loss and started consulting after he almost lost the use of his leg and was healed by a sangoma, which led him to start consulting.

“There’s a lot that has been happening in my life to build me, to distract me, to shape me and to come to this decision. The Lord has asked me to publicly resign from everything he hasn’t called me to. The Lord has asked me to resign from everything that is not part of his plan for my life.”

He said when his leg was infected and after consulting with the doctors, who told him there was nothing they could do to save it as the only solution was to amputate it, he called his aunt, who was a sangoma, and when she was able to help him, he thought consulting was the solution.

“If this leg carries on like this, we will have to amputate it,” the doctors had told him.

“The doctors sent me home and gave me pain tablets. I go home, and I start crying. Lord, I can’t lose my leg… At this time, my relationship with my wife was non-existent; physically, I felt alone, and my children were too young. Then I remembered that my mother’s sister, who is a traditional healer, sat with me the following morning and said, you have been to the doctors several times, and they told you the same thing. Traditional medicine can help. Let us go to the traditional healer so that you can get the help you need,” he said.

He added that after consulting, he was led to believe that he needed to become a sangoma and was on the verge of completing his initiation when God stopped him.

He said, however, that he used his prophetic calling to help those who came to consult with him and was once again reprimanded by God to stop what he was doing.

“I had already lost so much and did not want to lose my children. I do not want you to lose me. I felt I had nothing else to lose, and that is when I started my journey to be initiated as a sangoma,” he said.

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