ANC must blame itself for Jacob Zuma turning against the party, say critics

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: File

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: File

Published Jan 11, 2024


ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa and the entire ANC must blame themselves for Jacob Zuma turning against the party and campaigning for the uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party.

Speaking on recent developments within the ruling party, opposition parties said what was happening within the ANC came as no surprise as cracks within the party had started showing from as far back as 2007 when Zuma was elected as the party’s leader.

However, they said those very cracks were becoming more evident in the run-up to the elections later this year.

Former ANC member Dennis Bloem said although they had warned even back then that Zuma would destroy the ANC, instead of heeding the warning, members had labelled them “dogs, and cockroaches” and even branded them as angry and bitter Thabo Mbeki followers.

The tide had seemingly turned as Bloem said Zuma had done what they had warned about over 15 years ago and had taken the party in the wrong direction.

“Fifteen years down the line, many senior and ordinary members of the ANC, including leaders of the alliance, are today acknowledging that we were right. I am listening to the insults thrown at Zuma by ANC members, even swearing at him, and I am saying this is shameful hypocrisy.

“This comes from the very people who defended and protected Zuma for more than 15 years, starting from 2005 when Zuma was accused of rape. These very same people include Cyril Ramaphosa, who protected Zuma by opposing eight votes of no confidence against him in Parliament.”

Bloem cautioned against underestimating Zuma’s influence and support, which he said he had no doubt would dent the party’s bid to retain power in the upcoming elections.

African Transformation Movement (ATM) leader Vuyo Zungula said recent squabbles within the ANC were a clear indication that the political landscape was finally evolving.

“We are confident that this marks the beginning of the end for the ANC’s two-thirds majority rule. The electorate is demanding accountability, and we are committed to ensuring that it becomes the order of the day.”

He added: “It is our firm belief that the exploitation of our people must come to an end.”

Zungula added that he was not surprised by the party’s attempts to stifle upcoming parties through the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

“The ATM experienced similar tactics during the 2019 national general elections, and we understand the frustration that arises when an established party resorts to such desperate measures to maintain its grip on power.

“It is imperative that the IEC remains impartial and independent, safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process.

“The ATM, like any other political party, expects the IEC to refrain from meddling in party matters and affairs as doing so undermines the very essence of a democratic system.”

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