ANC national chairperson and Mineral Resources minister Gwede Mantashe attending the party's briefing session in Nkandla. Picture: Gwede Mantashe's Twitter.

Gwede Mantashe may have thought he was doing a good deed by donating school uniform to a child-headed home living in a shack, recording the act and posting it on social media.

However, the ANC national chair and mineral resources minister would have not foreseen the backlash that would follow from those who criticised him. Many questioned how he could give the children uniform when it was quite clear that it was not their immediate need, rather a house was.

People on social media said Mantashe had no shame and was also out of touch with reality:

In the video, Mantashe is visiting a family living in Nkandla, KwaZulu Natal. He is with two other people-a man and a woman, who are wearing ANC branded T-shirts like him. According to what is said in the video, the lady is a councillor in the area

The two then hand him two plastic bags which he then gives to a teenage girl standing in front of a tiny shack with two boys.

 A tweet from @23Lungsta accused Mantatshe of having no shame by taking plastics to a shack and expecting those who live in it to vote the ANC after this "stupid thing of once off parcels". Another, @BamboThulani just tweeted "You have no shame bawo" with sad face emojis at the end.

For @KhomaCom, the fact that Mantatshe had uploaded the video was embarassing:

"You even had the energy to upload that kind of embarrassing act uncle Gwede? Mxm", he tweeted.

The ANC is in KwaZulu Natal to celebrate the party's 107th anniversary.