Awards for dads who go extra mile for their children

Founder of Daddy Awards South Africa Neo Mothopeng. | Supplied

Founder of Daddy Awards South Africa Neo Mothopeng. | Supplied

Published Jun 14, 2023


Johannesburg - South African fathers are in for a treat as the inaugural Daddy Awards South Africa (DASA) take place with the aim of inspiring daddy greatness by honouring fathers who go the extra mile.

Neo Mothopeng, founder of the Daddy Awards South Africa, explained that after recently becoming a father and witnessing the challenges that come with the role, he started thinking about the best way to honour those who take their roles as fathers seriously.

He said the award event was a new men’s movement aimed at celebrating and encouraging positive and active fatherhood in South Africa.

“The awards seek to recognise and celebrate fathers who are present as well as active in their children’s lives, and who are making a positive impact in their families and communities.“

Mothopeng, a marketer and entrepreneur, is of the view that: “Positive fatherhood is not just about being present but about actively engaging in the lives of our children. Through the movement, we want to challenge negative stereotypes and celebrate the men who are committed to being positive role models for the next generation.“

Fathers stand a chance to be recognised across categories such as Single Daddy of the Year, dedicated to a father who is raising a child or children alone; Non-resident Daddy of the Year, for a father who does not stay at home with his child or children but always plays an active role; Unemployed Daddy of the Year to honour a dad who does not work but is always there for his child or children and always plays an active role; Special Needs Daddy of the Year for those with disabilities or special needs; and Daddy of the Year, an all-rounder category where all fathers are automatically nominated.

“The awards will highlight the positive impact that involved fathers can have on their children’s lives and encourage men to take an active role in their children's upbringing,“ Mothopeng said.

The awards, which will announce the winners in a virtual ceremony on October 21, 2023, will be an annual event open to all fathers who live in South Africa.

Mothopeng said that part of the objective was to honour and recognise fathers who have overcome significant challenges in their lives, such as addiction or incarceration, and gone on to become positive role models for their children and communities.

“The Daddy Awards South Africa are unique in that they are not just about recognising fathers who are doing well, but they are also about creating a space for men to talk about the challenges they face as fathers.

“Many men struggle to balance their family responsibilities with work and societal expectations, and the Awards aim to provide a platform for men to share their stories and connect with other fathers who are going through similar experiences. The movement also encourages men to seek support when they need it, whether it be from friends, family, or professional counselling services,” he said.

Mothopeng said the movement was not about shaming or blaming absent fathers: “Rather, it is about highlighting the importance of fathers in children’s lives, and encouraging men to step up and take an active role in their children’s upbringing.

“There are many reasons why fathers may be absent from their children’s lives, including economic hardship, cultural norms, and personal circumstances. However, it’s important to recognise that being present and involved in a child’s life is critical for their development and well-being.”

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