Twins Bafana and Kealeboga are two of the many thousands who started school this year.
Twins Bafana and Kealeboga are two of the many thousands who started school this year.

#BackToSchool2019: Double joy for mom as twins start "big school"

By BOTHO MOLOSANKWE Time of article published Jan 9, 2019

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When twins Kealeboga and Bafana Mokoto walked to their new school on Wednesday morning, there were no tears normally associated with first graders and neither was there any anxiety.

Instead, so excited with starting "big school" that Kea's mother, Marcia, 39, was scared that her daughter was going to damage her new school shoes because of the way she was walking, even doing little jumps along the way.

"You will damage your new shoes on the first day Kea," Marcia scolded her.

However, the scolding did not even register in Kea's excited mind. She just kept walking quickly, hurrying her mother along to Rosettenville Primary School in the south of Johannesburg.

The twins, who will be six next month, were part of thousands of children who started school on Wednesday morning across the country.

During the twins' last year of creche, Marcia had prepared them for what lay ahead the following year and she believes her preparation was the reason there was no drama on their first day of school.

On Tuesday, the day before they could start school, parents of all first graders had to go to school with their children to see what classes they would be in and also to find out if they have everything they need to start their first day.

Some parents, however, arrived at school for orientation with their children in full school uniform and Kea had been bitterly disappointed that she was not wearing hers.

"Why are we not wearing our uniform?" a sad Kea asked her mother who had reassured her that she would have a chance to wear it the following day.

Marcia Mokoto with her twins, Bafana and Kealeboga on the doorstep of their home on the first day of school.

Normally the twins normally sleep late they had no interested staying up the whole night on Tuesday night.

Bafana had to even remind Kea about the importance of going to bed early.

"Kea, I have bad and god news for you. The good news is that we need to sleep early and go to big school tomorrow. The bad news is that if we don't sleep early, we will never go to big school," he told her.

When the big day finally arrived, the benefits of going to big school were already palpable for the twins.

Instead of being woken up at 5am so their mother could drop them at creche just after 6am before going to work, they were up only at 6.15am. 

Clean and neat in their new school uniform, they only left the house at 7.30 as the school is only a few minutes away.

The way to school was smooth with the twins curious about what lay ahead and chattering endlessly.

At school there were also new things for them such as a very big school bustling with activity as well as having to attend assembly, something they did not do at creche.

Kealeboga and her twin brother Bafana in class.

After assembly, Marcia took them straight to their classroom as they had been shown it the previous day.

When she left them, there were no tears nor did any of the twins cling to her not wanting her to go.

Marcia was confident that it would go well for them because they have the advantage of being twins and being in the same class.

"Although they don't share a desk, the fact that they are in the same class helps a lot. They will never feel lonely," she said.

The fact that the twins are now at school has brought new challenges to Marcia. 

"I have to get someone who will pick them up from school and also assist them with homework. Unlike the days of creche where they would wear anything, I now have to ensure that their uniform is clean all the time and their school shoes are polished."

"This is where discipline comes in," she said.


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