Collaboration aims to take the pain out of period poverty



Published Aug 25, 2023


Johannesburg - Local female-owned beverage brand BT Signature has partnered with the MENstruation Foundation to help end period poverty in South Africa.

Too many women in South Africa’s society are daily disempowered by period poverty, which is a fundamental problem.

The MENstruation Foundation has teamed up with a local beverage company run by women, BT Signature, to help raise awareness of this vital issue and reinforce the agenda surrounding it as part of its aim to put an end to this persistent problem.

“It’s through partnerships with and support from like-minded businesses such as BT Signature that we can keep this initiative of ours alive and create a dignified, sustainable impact,” said Siv Ngesi, multi-award-winning entertainer and co-founder and director of the MENstruation Foundation.

“What society doesn’t seem to understand is that this is not a women-only problem; it is a humanity problem. Without women and without menstruation, we wouldn’t be here! It’s 2023; men need to acknowledge this fact, not shy away from menstruation as a topic, and make it their business to be a part of this conversation and fight to end period poverty!”

Ngesi added that the impact on the dignity, education and work productivity of many South African women was massive, but something that the country could address through implementing the correct measures for access.

Boity Thulo. Picture: Supplied

“I believe if men bled once a month, sanitary products would be free. My team and I have made it our mission to end period poverty, and we will achieve this goal sooner than many may think.”

According to the foundation, this year alone, it has saved over 900 000 educational days on a national basis through its Sanitary Pad Dispensing Machine project, where 45 000 packs of pads are distributed every month.

The goal of the MENstruation Foundation is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem by enabling access to reasonably priced or free locally produced eco-friendly goods and by encouraging local manufacturers of high-quality eco-friendly sanitary products that are distributed through NGOs, retail, corporate and governmental channels, primarily through the use of a sanitary product vending machine.

“BT Signature extends beyond our range of delicious Frizzante beverages; our brand ethos is about uplifting and honouring women, celebrating success and confidence and breaking barriers,” said Boity Thulo, celebrity, entrepreneur and co-founder of BT Signature.

“I can’t think of a better cause for my business to be aligning with and supporting.”

Beginning on August 1, one woman started receiving sanitary goods for an entire month thanks to the proceeds from every case of BT Signature sold in TOPS at SPAR stores nationwide.

“Our brand slogan, ‘MAKE YOUR MARK’, was born out of us wanting to have a purpose and make a positive impact in our country. Those who purchase and enjoy a BT Signature this month and beyond can know that they’re making their mark by helping to make a difference,” Thulo said.

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