DA denies sweeping axing of its MP Manny de Freitas under the carpet

Manny de Freitas.

Manny de Freitas.

Published Feb 12, 2024


The DA has denied sweeping its axing of its former member of Parliament Manny de Freitas under the carpet.

This comes after the veteran MP was axed for corruption-related charges some weeks ago, with news of his chop only making the news weeks afterwards.

According to media reports, De Freitas, who once served as the transport and tourism spokesperson, was axed over allegations of financial misconduct and violation of party finance policies. It is reported also that his membership with the party was terminated.

“The Citizen” reported that the disgraced MP was fired for siphoning donations meant for the party which were raised from funders and sponsors towards the work of the party.

In December, former DA leader Tsepo Mhlongo accused the party of preferential treatment, double standards, interference and protecting some leaders from being held accountable for their crimes within the party while sidelining others.

Social media users have slammed the party for trying to sweep the matter of corruption under the rug while exposing ANC corruption as the party lays corruption charges against deputy president in Cape Town.

Sentletse Diakanyo of the EFF accused the DA of protecting its leader, John Steenhuisen.

“DA is protecting Steenhuisen from corruption allegations. Two MPs have been expelled to shield Steenhuisen. One is Tshepo Mhlongo who alleged that Manny de Freitas and Steenhuisen had a corrupt relationship during the campaign to elect Steenhuisen as party leader. Mhlongo was expelled for making these allegations.

“The other is De Freitas, who was found guilty of corruption by the DA and expelled him but his co-conspirator in that corruption, Steenhuisen, was left alone,“ Diakanyo tweeted on X.

Mhlongo, who quit the party last year, said he was not surprised by the silence from the party.

“No statement from the DA what is the reason? After they find Manny guilty. I agree with Solly Malatsi. After Manny apparently wrote a wishy-washy letter to fellow MPs spinning everything. I must consider to open a case of corruption with police,“ he said.

Responding to The Star on Monday, Werner Horn of the DA said the party usually does not comment publicly on matters involving its disciplinary processes which found De Freitas guilty.

“Ordinarily, we do not issue media statements, unless the (former) member communicates in public on the matter,” he said.

DA spokesperson Richard Newton said: “We have not issued a statement, neither did we sweep the matter under the carpet. A disciplinary process was held and the person involved had their membership terminated. How can that be sweeping the matter under carpet?”