DA dismisses voter registration fraud accusations ahead of George by-elections

Brett Herron of the Good Party. Photographer Ayanda Ndamane African News (ANA)

Brett Herron of the Good Party. Photographer Ayanda Ndamane African News (ANA)

Published Jul 18, 2023


Johannesburg - The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Western Cape has dismissed accusations that it was involved in voter registration fraud taking place ahead of this week’s by-elections in George.

In an ongoing back-and-forth squabble between the Good Party and the DA, Brett Herron said on Monday that their investigations have revealed new information in relation to alleged voter registration crimes committed by the DA in George.

Herron said DA canvassers had registered at least 88 voters as living in a single household ahead of tomorrow’s by-elections.

‘’After submitting substantive evidence to the IEC on Saturday that DA canvassers had falsely registered voters from Thembalethu as residents of Ward 20, in Borcherds, where a by-election is due to be held, on Monday, GOOD received new evidence of 188 voters all registered on the voter’s roll at the same address in Ward 16, where a second by-election is scheduled,’’ Herron said.

He said it would be impossible to have 88 people living at one address and all registered to vote in the by-election.

‘’It is unthinkable that 188 adults could live in the small house, which a simple scan of Google Maps reveals to be a small single-story dwelling, and unfathomable that the IEC failed to detect the aberration.’’

According to the Good Party’s leader in the Western Cape, on Saturday night, the party submitted what it called ‘’shocking evidence of DA voter registration fraud’’ in George to the Independent Electoral Commission.

Herron said the evidence submitted to the IEC included a list of names of residents of Thembalethu, where there is no by-election. He said these voters were fraudulently re-registered as residents of Borcherds, where one of three George by-elections is scheduled for this week.

However, the DA said on Monday that it remains steadfast and focused on the work that needs to be done at this week’s by-elections in wards 16, 20, and 27 in George.

DA provincial spokesperson Melt Botes said the party would not entertain baseless allegations made by its political rivals.

‘’Our aim is to win all three wards, and we will not be distracted. We ran a robust and thorough campaign in the months leading up to this week, and our vigour has left opposition parties anxious and scrambling to find fault,’’ Botes said.

The party said the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in George is proceeding as planned for Wednesday’s by-elections. ‘’Party agents will have the opportunity to raise any concerns after the polls have closed and before counting starts on Wednesday evening.

‘’We suggest that GOOD and the ANC not waste any more of residents’ time and let us get back to business. There is work to be done to restore service delivery that has been waning in these wards under GOOD,’’ Botes added.

The party said it had done well in garnering widespread voter support ahead of this week’s by-elections."

‘’Our canvassing in George has shown that voters are not open to being paid off or scared into voting for smaller parties in the Western Cape. What they want is a party that cares and is committed to good governance,’’ the party said.

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