Diamond dealer promises mineral wealth to South Africans

As an independent candidate, diamond dealer and Zuma benefactor, Louis Liebenberg promises mineral wealth to all South Africans. Picture: Supplied

As an independent candidate, diamond dealer and Zuma benefactor, Louis Liebenberg promises mineral wealth to all South Africans. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 10, 2024


As political parties and independent candidates gear up to contest in the May 29 polls, the race to the National Assembly is hotting up.

This comes as independent candidate in four provinces, Louis Liebenberg, has promised South Africans a taste of their mineral wealth should he go all the way in the elections.

On Monday, the founder of Tariomix and Forever Diamond and Gold, announced his candidacy as one of the country’s independent candidates.

“He is indeed an independent candidate in the elections. He will be on the regional ballot for a potential seat in the national parliament for Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Gauteng and the Free State,” said Liebenberg’s spokesperson, Dirk Lotriet.

According to a brief biography, the man who believes in sharing his wealth with the people of South Africa was born in 1964, grew up in a vicarage house as the second of five brothers.

Currently at the helm of Forever Diamonds and Gold, Louis is widely known as a mining magnate, or more informally, as the carat king. Some call him former President Jacob Zuma’s benefactor after he contributed more than R500 000 towards Zuma’s court case against Billy Downer and journalist Karyn Maughan in 2022.

His mission is to deliver the mineral wealth into the hands of ordinary people, and the acquisition of the 144 000ha mining property in the Northern Cape is already a step in the right direction.

“Louis campaigns for the average Joe Soap. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to tackle a problem, nor to speak up for the oppressed,“ Lotriet added.

Lotriet said, Liebenberg as a former hobo who stayed on the streets for months after losing his wealth and as an employer of hundreds of people, knows how important it is to create jobs.

“His long-term employment and training programme at the mine situated at Kleinzee was the starting block to reduce unemployment among youth and women in particular. Louis is ready to serve the ordinary people of South Africa and will put his money where his mouth is,” he said.

Reacting to inquiries from The Star, Liebenberg said he wanted to ensure economic stability, and dignity to all South Africans.

“I envision a South Africa where economic stability and prosperity prevail, with dignity for all. I declare myself in favour of debate, partnerships and cooperation between political parties and other stakeholders across the country to strengthen and safeguard government for the people by the people to secure a better quality of life for all,“ he said.

Another passion of his is to ensure the mineral wealth of the country is taken away from big corporations and into the hands of the poor.

“I believe there is no single road to economic stability and the shrinking of inequality, but at the heart of my approach will be a crusade to remove the mineral wealth of our beloved country from the hands of large corporations and utilise it for the benefit of the people of South Africa.

“The core values at the base of the way I plan to serve the people include:Independence: I reject the responsibility to the agendas of any existing political party and plan to serve the citizens of this land without divided loyalties; accountability: Leaders, including myself, are supposed to serve in the public interest and people should be able to hold their leaders responsible for their conduct; transparency: political activity should be open and subject to public oversight; equity: all people deserve to be treated justly and in accordance with their diverse conditions; Inclusion: diverse voices and views are sought, respected and incorporated,” he said.

Liebenberg said he also believes in the rule of law, civic participation and free, open and peaceful competition of ideas.

“I believe in civic participation. People must be able to exercise their political and civic rights and responsibilities freely, and do so actively and respectfully; rule of law: Laws promulgated by duly elected representatives must be consistent with human rights principles, adjudicated independently and enforced equally.”