Duduzane Zuma laments being kicked off the ballot paper

Duduzane Zuma says it is time for the old generation to leave the country in the youth’s hands. Picture: Boitumelo Pakkies Independent Newspapers

Duduzane Zuma says it is time for the old generation to leave the country in the youth’s hands. Picture: Boitumelo Pakkies Independent Newspapers

Published Apr 4, 2024


As the fierce race to the polls hots up, the son of Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, Duduzane Zuma, is bemoaning his expulsion from the elections for his newly established political party, All Game Changers (AGC).

It has been reported that AGC was removed from the national list by the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), citing a lack of compliance with the registration processes as one of the reasons Duduzane was booted.

He had declared, prior to this severe blow, that his party would be a serious contender in the next elections because they would be offering answers to the nation’s numerous challenges.

Duduzane, who had also vowed that he would be running for president against Cyril Ramaphosa four years ago, shared a statement expressing disappointment with the outcome from the IEC.

A widely circulated statement on social media platforms claims that the recent actions represent a dream deferred for South Africans as well as a squandered opportunity for the government.

“The recent actions of the IEC mark a pivotal moment in South African history, challenging the very essence of democracy. As barriers to entry are increasingly raised and candidates of merit are unjustly disqualified, our nation faces a deficit of authentic voices in the political arena.”

“Yet, our concern extends beyond mere reinstatement on the ballot; it speaks to the soul of democracy itself. When the doors to candidacy are unjustly closed, the voices of the people are silenced, and the promise of true representation fades. Duduzane Zuma symbolises a beacon of hope, transcending divides and embodying the aspirations of countless South Africans yearning for genuine leadership. The international relationships and connections that Duduzane Zuma possesses could substantially benefit the country in the future as we seek to position ourselves as a global superpower.

“Our stance remains clear: South Africa first. There are only so many artificial limitations that can be placed to deter us from our main objective; ultimately, we will make the change we intend to make. South Africa’s potential to rival global powers is undeniable, boasting abundant natural resources and geographical position.

“Yet, the key to unlocking this potential lies in harnessing talent effectively. The distasteful actions of the IEC are shrinking the already limited pool of capable individuals putting their hands up for crucial positions. It is clear there is an administrative deficit in the current government, and the emergence of new, capable leaders should be welcomed with open arms. It is important that we uphold fairness and inclusivity to ensure our nation’s leadership reflects the diverse talent and aspirations of its people.’’

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