Germiston - A senior officer from the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) was electrocuted to death whilst executing his duties in Estera, Germiston.

It's alleged that the officer saw a contractor working on a substation in the area, who then began to show him where a substation was being vandalised and that is when the accident occurred.  Details around this matter are still sketchy. 

Speaking to Germiston City News, Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) media liaison William Ntladi said DEMS were called to the scene on Tuesday morning.

“We received an incident involving a person who has been electrocuted, then the ambulance arrived on site and found out that one of the employees of the municipality of Ekurhuleni in the EMPD has been electrocuted,” Ntladi said.

Ntladi added that the officer did not respond to the initial treatment given by the medics and backup was called to the scene to assess the victim.

“Electrical department personnel also arrived to isolate the power, so that necessary medical in-depth treatment could be done on the patient,” he said.  

“Unfortunately, the patient did not respond positively to the treatment and was declared dead at the scene.” 

EMPD spokesperson Inspector Kobeli Mokheseng confirmed that the deceased was an EMPD official.

“The officer was a senior officer from EMPD, in fact the officer was a precinct commander,” Mokheseng said.

Mokheseng said circumstances around the incident were not known and the matter was handed over to the SAPS for investigation.