Gauteng police and JMPD to monitor highways after a string of traffic jam robberies on M1 highway

National Commissioner of the South African Police Services, General Fannie Masemola. Picture: File

National Commissioner of the South African Police Services, General Fannie Masemola. Picture: File

Published Feb 20, 2024


The National Commissioner of the SAPS, General Fannie Masemola, has called for the maximum mobilisation of resources along Gauteng highways and other strategic locations during peak hour traffic.

This comes after motorists on the M1 highway near the Crown interchanged were robbed of their belongings, allegedly by illegal miners, during peak hour traffic on Tuesday morning.

In a statement reacting to the incident, the SAPS said it has also bolstered the deployment of the Highway Patrol, SAPS Airwing, and Gauteng Flying Squad units to monitor and conduct regular patrols along the identified routes.

A video of the incident was shared widely on social media platforms after a group of criminals allegedly robbed unsuspecting motorists who were on their way to work.

Reports indicate that a group of five armed men went from car to car robbing occupants of their belongings, resulting in injury to some motorists and car crashes as drivers tried to evade the robbers.

“By this afternoon, no cases have been reported. The SAPS encourages anyone who has fallen victim to this alleged crime to call the Johannesburg Central Police Station Commander for better co-ordination and prompt dispatching of resources.

“Engagements with the JMPD and other law enforcement agencies are ongoing in an effort to curb further incidents. SAPS tracking teams are on the ground searching for these suspects,” Masemola said in a statement.

The MMC for public safety in the City of Joburg, Dr Mgcini Tshwaku, visited the scene of the incidents and vowed to act swiftly in deploying a team of freeway patrol officers to monitor the Crown Mine area.

Tshwaku blamed illegal miners who hover around Crown Mine as possible suspects.

“The robbery was due to the vagrants who are staying under these bridges. You can see them in that area down there. They come from there and they jump on to the highway where they find drivers battling traffic. After they rob people they jump over the other side of the highway. As JMPD, we are now going to deploy freeway patrol who will be stationed here,” he said.

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