Has the podcast gone too far? Viewers weigh in the latest explicit content in a recent episode

Sol Phenduka and MacG. Picture: Instagram

Sol Phenduka and MacG. Picture: Instagram

Published May 19, 2023


The recent episode on the controversial Youtube podcast, ‘Podcast and Chill’ with adult content creator Wandi Ndlovu, has sparked a heated debate.

Ndlovu surprised viewers when she candidly unpacked some engagements and her life, and shocked viewers by consenting to perform oral sex on the podcast for R1 500.

The episode created a social media divide with some fans continuing to throw support for the podcast and others denouncing it

There was strong criticism of the hosts for using their platform to promote explicit content.

Critics felt that the podcast may have lost credibility, arguing it was doing everything to revive its falling YouTube numbers.

“This country is sick. I usually watch Podcast n Chill to learn something everytime, @MacGUnleashed please don't reduce your platform to such. You have a following from all spheres of life, give us quality content.”Tweeted Tintwa.

“Fine example of the useless youth of South Africa.

“Look at what is being promoted on platforms they should be using (sic) to conscientise the masses on why they need to vote coz the country is going to s***t,” said Will Gumede.

But Mboni said, in sharing her sentiments: “Hai bo! You watch so much worse on TV from American films, yet you come here and say this? You watch Music Videos with half-naked girls. Hai ima kancane wena, sit down.”

“Too much with what!? Given how TV shows these days, MacG did nothing wrong and didn't go too far,” Thapelo Mokomele added.

The podcast has been one of the hottest subjects in the world of entertainment, and has aired controversial episodes that remain unforgettable with some even leading to legal spats.

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