Healing and inspirational ‘Girl Talk’ with talented Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka. Picture: Instagram

Dineo Ranaka. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 18, 2024


Former YFM and Kaya FM radio host, Dineo Ranaka, has promised her fans a show filled with lots of healing, goal setting and girl banter with her upcoming talk series, “Girl Talk” set for John’s Pub in Krugersdorp on Sunday, March 31.

Speaking to The Star last week, Ranaka said she has returned from spiritual training as a traditional healer and part of the show is to bring healing to those she will be interacting with during the event which also features a line-up of DJs made up of Constance Sehume, The Good Guys and Lorraine.

Besides music and good old women-inspired healing talks, the talented broadcaster has promised her fans some delicious treats courtesy of herself.

What is the purpose of ‘Girl Talk’ and what inspired it?

Purpose truly. I’m a healer as you know. Ndiphuma ephehlweni ukuyofunda isipho sami sibenza njani (I have just returned from being initiated as a traditional healer). After a few years post my initiation, my purpose to heal has been revealed to me that I am to heal through means of speaking practical life tools into people.

Starting with women. The inspiration stems from my period of Isolation beginning this year – my conversations with God have left with me with much clarity on what I am to do and who I am to do it with, and for whom I am to do it.

What can people expect from the one coming up later this month?

A safe space to connect, breathe, engage, learn, offload, rewire and reflect. They can expect to be cooked for by me and served lunch by me – remember, I am @theuntrainedchef and I love to cook and feed – this is my love language. They can expect to partake in occupational therapy in the form of painting whilst absorbing some empowering practical life tools as mentioned. They will be spoilt with goodies from my clothing brand ANXY FASHION as well as cosmetic line LDR BEAUTY.

Why is this event and series important to you?

It is important for me to play my part in imparting knowledge and wisdom. It is important to me to show empathy to people who are burdened by challenging life experiences. It is important to me because God has blessed me with astronomical volumes of resilience. I must fulfil my purpose, stand in the gap for others and display inspiring strength they can draw from.

What are your views about women in entertainment and what are some of the issues they face as they try to make it?

Women face numerous issues across many industries that we all are aware of. It’s time we start focusing more on the solutions rather than repeating questions and answers around the issues.

What are your views on cancel culture and how it is implemented in the industry?

NONE! No weapons formed against God’s Will and plan over anyone’s life can prosper. The devil is weak and humans are easily shakeable. Everyone must stand firm in the knowledge that sins are created by God in our lives and he holds the final word, not emotionally fickle members of social media society.

What advice do you have for young girls trying to break into the industry?

Be authentic always. Be genuine always and do not let anyone make you believe you have to exchange sexual favours for your place in what God has secured for you.

How would you like to he remembered in the industry?

As a woman who holds the principles of the above mentioned advice to women. As a woman who is fearless and steadfast in her values. As authentic and of powerful, meaningful, lasting influence psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

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