Humanity and compassion replaced by hunger for wealth in SA society today, says RISE Mzansi leader, Irfaan Mangera

Irfaan Mangera, member of RISE Mzansi’s national leadership collective. | SUPPLIED

Irfaan Mangera, member of RISE Mzansi’s national leadership collective. | SUPPLIED

Published Mar 21, 2024


The modern-day separate development continues to make the country the most unequal society today which creates a tale of two cities driven by the accumulation of wealth rather than upholding human solidarity and care for one other, RISE Mzansi’s national leader, Irfaan Mangera, told supporters on Wednesday.

Mangera was speaking at the party’s commemoration of the Human Rights in collaboration with the Anti-Racism Week in downtown Johannesburg.

He said members of RISE Mzansi should bear in mind when engaging with various community to remember that the people’s pain and anger, was their pain and anger, saying that it was their shared lived experience and that they should engage with empathy.

“Because we all believe that it is time for new leaders who can ensure that people have nutritious food to eat every day and access to clean water in their homes. These basic human rights are not a reality for us in South Africa.

“The City of Johannesburg’s infrastructure is collapsing – in too many instances, it has collapsed – before our eyes, unable to fix leaks or clean streets.

“Half of our wastewater treatment works are close to failure and collapse; and 47% of all clean and treated water is lost through leaks because of the current uncaring DA and ANC governments’ inability to conduct proper maintenance of our systems,” he added.

Mangera said political establishments had forgotten about people it vowed, swore, and committed to serve.

“They have no memory of the work they are entrusted to do. They have presided of our city and country for 30 years, and instead of seeing progress to eradicate structural racism, we are now being stripped off our dignity once again. Our country is moving fast in the wrong direction.

“We must remove the crooks from government on 29 May 2024. We must stand up for our values and demand freedom, equality, justice, solidarity and integrity.

“It is the governments of the DA and ANC that have normalised 26% of schools having no access to water and sanitation; and 45% of clinics lacking access to clean water and sanitation.

“This is the reality that the political establishment, don't want us to challenge. But we are here to say, not in our name.”

He said the country needed leaders who would serve as the representative of the diversity of South Africa, and which would work towards uniting the country to the realisation and dignity in the lives in one generation.

“In the People’s Declaration, RISE Mzansi committed to eradicating poverty, ending racism, ending inequality, and ensuring of the employment of our people.

“I stand here to today making this commitment again, and to face you with this commitment here in Fietas, in Vrededorp with no freedom.”

He continued to say in order for things to drastically change, people needed to rise in a patriotic manner and make sure that new set of leadership were elected.

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