‘I attempted to hang myself’ - Sbahle Mpisane shares how she planned to commit suicide multiple times after her tragic accident

Sbahle Mpisane says she got to a point where she wanted to hang herself.Image:file

Sbahle Mpisane says she got to a point where she wanted to hang herself.Image:file

Published Jul 27, 2022


Johannesburg - Popular personal trainer and media personality Sbahle Mpisane has spoken candidly about her life's ups and downs since her tragic accident that happened in 2018 which changed everything.

When pictures of the car crash emerged across social platforms, many people were left in utter shock at how horrific and wrecked her car was, sparking deep concerns for her life.

Mpisane, who was gravely injured and had spent weeks in a coma, traced back to the years since, and revealed how she had attempted to take her life more than once.

Turning to her Instagram stories, the media personality detailed all the years she dealt with suicidal thoughts.

“In 2018 while in hospital I attempted to hang myself but my nurse walked in just as I did so. In 2019 I well planned my suicide attempt but woke up four days later. I apologised and promised God not to test him again as he saved my life three times,” she wrote.

In 2021 she shared that she had suicidal thoughts, but reached out to a therapist in a panic because she feared to attempt burning herself to death as she envisioned.

In the post, she also spoke about the year 2022 and how stressful it had been.

“2022 has been filled with anger, stress, worries and more tears but I’ve been freeing myself by communicating my worries with friends. I find more relaxation by seeing my family more and skin renewal has been cherry on top.”

Mpisane also revealed that though she is no longer suicidal, it does not sink in well that she has no promising future.

“The thought of having no ankle bone or a promising future has never sat well with me and still doesn't. I don't plan to commit suicide, my therapist has been helpful and my psychologist has placed me under medication.

“I know I have a lot to be grateful for but when emotions kick in, we all become weak. I am still weak. I don't understand my survival but maybe there's a purpose for it all,” Mpisane wrote.

She also shared her tweets which spoke about depression where she wrote: “Depression is not controllable but treatable. I survived from it and still it creeps in but I continue to live happy.”