Maryam Suleman, who was the deputy head girl at Parktown High for Girls, got six distinctions.
Maryam Suleman, who was the deputy head girl at Parktown High for Girls, got six distinctions.

It’s mission accomplished for Parktown Girls’ Maryam who bagged 6 distinctions

By Gift Tlou Time of article published Feb 23, 2021

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Johannesburg - A lot is is expected of Maryam Suleman, who was the deputy head girl at Parktown High for Girls.

With many of her peers in panic mode before the announcement of matric results, Suleman has managed to remain calm and relaxed.

The 18 year old said mental health is key and that she feels blessed that the long haul is finally over. She bagged six distinctions in Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Accounting, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.

“I’m not yet relieved but for me it's a milestone reached and a mission accomplished. Of course, it has been one with challenges but we managed to get through all that.”

Fulfilling her duties as deputy head girl at the school came with its own challenges and commitments but Suleman said it’s an experience that she would not trade for anything.

“It required a lot of hard work and flexibility but I carried it out very well, I think. Credit must be given to my school mates who were very co-operative and goal driven.”

Despite her previous triumphs in Parktown girls colours, Suleman refused to be carried away.

“I prepared well for my exams and I found that they were fair and well set. I did my level best.”

Suleman, however, does not sell herself short when asked on her future study goals, singling out the best institutions in the country.

“I would like to study something in the medicine field at the University of the Witwatersrand. I have also applied to other universities – the University of Pretoria and University of Cape Town.”

When asked to reflect on her matric year at Parktown Girls, Suleman does not mince her words when stating that the move to online learning turned her schedule upside down.

“Things got quite difficult I must say. There was no time for exercise and playing sports also, striking that balance to get enough sleep was very difficult at the beginning of the whole thing.”

Despite completing matric under the difficult circumstances, Suleman revealed that she was not entirely happy with how things turned out in her matric year.

“I was really sad that I missed out on the opportunity to play a full season of first team hockey and first team squash.”

Suleman applauded her parents and teachers for the support they showed throughout her schooling career.

“Credit must be given to my parents, especially my mom for always cooking my favourite chicken breyani and my teachers at school who were there for me throughout the years.”

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