In this file picture, queues of people wait to be treated at Chris Hani Academic Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko
Dr Motsoaledi complains about the public health sector being overburdened in this country. It is sad, and an indictment, that since 1994 conditions in the public health sector have steadily deteriorated to near collapse under different ANC health ministers. There exist two fundamental reasons that contributed to this situation.

First, the appalling situations are attributed to a decision to close nursing training colleges, which produced world class professionals who were paid a stipend, while going through their third-year bedside training in designated provincial hospital settings.

Subsequent to this irresponsible and never explained lunacy, followed incompetent employees being put in place to manage the health sector. A close look at the circumstances that culminated at the Life Esidimeni is a stark example of this reprehensible consequence.

How many times have vital drugs run out of supply? We now even hear of doctors not being paid. To exacerbate the calamity, the health minister tells us about NHI.

It is preposterous. Where will the money and vital nursing skills they decimated come from? The list goes on, I will not even consider citing tangible further examples to corroborate the sordid mess.

Second, this government went to open the floodgates at our borders. There is no country on earth that allows immigrants, illegal or legal, to enter and leave at will. We now hear the loquacious and verbose minister of health complaining about the level of foreign baby deliveries in our public health hospitals.

It is not only baby deliveries crowding our hospitals, all other types of patients come from the continent for free medical assistance.

The horse has bolted, it is too late now to start making hysterical calls like the Gauteng premier did about foreign nationals trading drugs, committing crimes and causing havoc in our communities.

The lackadaisical and indifference of our government at the borders has done so much damage and compromised our economy to the extent that now we even have illegal foreign “pastors/prophets” become private jet owners, from monies virtually extorted from our citizens, while our officials watch and do nothing. When we started to register our disquiet, what did government say? “Say NO to Xenophobia”.

To the health minister and Gauteng premier, we are reaping the consequences of your government policies.