MaMkhize lifts lid on her colourful life in her new book

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Published Apr 24, 2023


Johannesburg - Renowned businesswoman and television personality Shauwn Mkhize, affectionately known as MaMkhize, wants people to know her more as she spills it all in her new book, My World, My Rules.

From conquering boardrooms as a shrewd business tycoon to hogging headlines as a high-flying socialite, MaMkhize now has an interesting title under her belt.

MaMkhize’s memoir tells all about her colourful life and is filled with unflinchingly honest and engaging content to keep readers captivated.

MaMkhize says she celebrates the memoir as the "final chapter" and the start of a new era.

"It’s been my way of saying my piece, letting things go, healing my wounds, and saying my final words to my parents and my brother, who are physically no longer with me. This marks a new dawn and beginning for me," she says.

MaMkhize invites readers to learn more about her and her truth. "I hope people understand that I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, like they think. I hope they learn more about my childhood.

“Nothing came easy for us. We went through a lot of trials and tribulations. I’ve worked extremely hard to be where I am today, and I’ve never allowed my upbringing to dictate my future. I hope this book will inspire the young black girl to dream the impossible, to be driven and resilient, and to never give up," she says.

Her life story begins as a young accounting graduate who returns from an overseas experience and lands what seems to be a dream job with the multinational corporation that sponsored her training abroad.

She ventures into business, but this soon dissolves into disappointment and a humiliating salary.

In My World, My Rules, MaMkhize dispels the urban legends about her wealth, family, marriage, and ensuing divorce.

She reflects on the much-publicised story of her reinvention as MaMkhize, the soccer boss, and shares the lessons she has learnt from the experiences that life has given her.

Her larger-than-life personality is both loved and misunderstood, much like her father and brother. While a combination of political and business acumen runs in her family, her isolated yet privileged childhood was torn asunder by the assassination of her father and her brother’s subsequent quest for vengeance.

MaMkhize allows the reader to get a glimpse into her formative years and family life.

She illuminates how these have shaped the woman she is today.

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