MANDELA DAY: The schoolboys at Pridwin Preparatory will sleep out for the night. Picture Supplied.

Johannesburg- To commemorate and honour the 100th birthday of Struggle stalwart Nelson Mandela, Pridwin Preparatory School organised a series of events for all grades to partake in on Wednesday. 
The highlight of the remembrance ceremony will be the Grade 5 sleep-out where those participating will be required to bring a blanket and will sleep on cardboard boxes for the evening. On Thursday, the boys will be taken to visit the homeless and will handover the blankets they slept with.
During the course of the evening, the learners will make peanut butter sandwiches to also give to the homeless.

The school's marketing manager, Demi-Rae le Roux said this was the boys' first experience of what the less fortunate communities encounter on a daily basis.

"The school has teamed up with Dlala Nje, an organisation that aims to eradicate poverty in areas such as Hillbrow and Ponte City. Each grade chose items that they want to make or collect for their 67 minutes and these will be taken to the chosen centres." 

GIVING BACK: Pridwin Preparatory in Johannesburg celebrated Mandela Day by collecting essentials to donate to the less fortunate.

Headmaster Selwyn Marx said participating in Mandela Day activities was important because it reminds their boys about what Nelson Mandela stood for and what he spent his life trying to achieve.

"Mandela is a symbol of hope and unity, and he wanted to bring the nation together regardless of race or gender. Our mission at Pridwin is to unlock our boys’ potential so that they can make a difference in the world. Celebrating Mandela Day gives the boys an opportunity to practise making a difference, serving the less fortunate in our communities and reflecting on what it means to live without privilege by sleeping out in the cold.”  he said. 

He also said that he wanted his learners to learn empathy, and demonstrate kindness to others no matter the circumstances more so that they live privileged lives, so it is important to teach them great responsibility.