Maphorisa tells artists that if they record at his studio, the music belongs to him

DJ Maphorisa. Picture: Instagram

DJ Maphorisa. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 31, 2024


DJ Maphorisa has once again piqued the interest of social media users after claiming that if an artist records in his studio, using any of his equipment, everything belongs to him.

In a live video on Instagram, the multi-award-winning star addressed thousands of fans and stressed that it is critical to acknowledge that working in someone else’s studio does not provide them with ownership of the music produced.

“When you record on my computer in my studio with my electricity, that sh*** is mine. It belongs to me. You don’t know anything. You must understand that if you work in somebody’s studio, that sh** is not yours,” he said.

This topic brought people back to the discussion started by well-known podcaster MacG, who last year accused DJ Maphorisa of acting as Amapiano’s gatekeeper.

MacG showed that he was not afraid of the award-winning DJ by launching into passionate tirades against him on his YouTube podcast with over a million subscribers.

The podcast presenter made these assertions while seated alongside his co-host, Sol Phenduka, emphasising that more individuals could vouch for the accusations made against DJ Maphorisa.

“Let me tell you a story about gatekeeping. There is someone who told me that Maphorisa is going to be mad that I am dropping an EP, and I did not ask for his approval,” said MacG on the podcast.

“Now I must ask Maphorisa before I drop an EP. They said Maphorisa is going to be mad because I did not ask for his approval because he is a gatekeeper.”

Not one to hold back on social media, DJ Maphorisa used his X account to clarify the claims made against him, saying: “Amapiano ke 'With or Without u' movement, no gatekeepers, let it sink in.

“I see you don’t get it. No one owns Amapiano; anyone can do it and win. Good example, Look at Uncle Waffles one trending ‘Adiwele’ video; the rest is history. She did it alone. Stop saying I am a keeper.”

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