TOP: A Man rebuilds his shack in Alexandra after it was destroyed by fire last week.
Prophet Mboro, in true Christian spirit, has dispatched help to the families whose homes were gutted by fire in Alexandra, south of Johannesburg, last week.

Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng visited the fire-hit area on Sunday and called on other church leaders to help in rebuilding the lives of the affected.

Motsoeneng went on a fact-finding mission in the informal settlement on London Road, to establish what kind of help the residents needed following the fire that left hundreds of people homeless.

Yesterday, Motsoeneng arrived in the early afternoon with building materials to assist at least three families rebuild their shacks.

Nomakhosi Nxadi, 32, was visibly shaken when Mboro arrived with new planks and corrugated iron to build her shack.

“I did not know where I would start rebuilding my shack. I am grateful for the help Prophet Mboro is giving me,” Nxadi said.

“I live with my brother’s child. Both his parents died and I am the one who is raising him now. I lost all my belongings in the fire and did not have a plan or money to rebuild my shack. I have been sleeping in someone else’s shack since Thursday night,” she said.

Mboro identified Nxadi, an injured Phelelani Ngabase, 27, and Simon Nhlengethwa, 56, as the first three beneficiaries.

“I am here to help people in need. I am not just helping you to rebuild your shacks but I am also here to teach you to help others. You must do everything to help others in need like you are in need now. This is what God wants and this is the role of the church,” Motsoeneng said.

“I will help more people but I want those who are able to buy their own material to do so. Those who are in desperate need will be prioritised,” Motsoeneng said.