Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency/ANA (Archives)
Johannesburg - Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng says his fight with Absa over unauthorised debit orders is not only for him but for all the victims of this type of fraud.

Motsoeneng, better known as Prophet Mboro, says Absa’s case to have his assets repossessed has been struck off the roll.

He said the bank had brought the case against him to have his assets, including three of his smaller cars, attached for non-payment even though he had long settled his account.

“I stopped paying Absa because a meeting to resolve the issue regarding unauthorised debit orders on my account was fruitless. They kept promising that they would fix things, but that was just all talk,” Mboro told The Star.

He said he had lost about R2m due to unauthorised debits on his account, which were still continuing.

“Last week, I recovered R25000 I had lost to unauthorised debit orders on my account. I was able to get the bank to reverse these.

“This fraud affects all of us. Many people are having their assets repossessed due to the carelessness of banks,” Mboro said.

“Imagine if a company is taking R49 to R99 and there are 5 million people, it goes up to billions.

“I am fighting this not only for me but for everyone who has unauthorised debits on their accounts.

“It is time that someone fought these banks for allowing this to happen and for actually doing nothing to stop it,” Mboro said.

He has opened a fraud case and claimed that Absa had refused to co-operate with the police.

The National Prosecuting Authority has since served subpoenas on Absa to release the relevant information.

In a letter seen by The Star, Palmridge senior public prosecutor Kenny Ramavhoya confirmed that Mboro had opened a case of fraud against Absa.

“The case is against Absa and relates to several unlawful debits off Mr Motsoeneng’s account totalling over a million rand.

“We have since given the police 205 subpoenas to get the details of beneficiaries of these debits so we can institute prosecutions,” Ramavhoya said.

Absa spokesperson Songezo Zibi said the bank would “provide our full co-operation and all reasonable assistance as may be necessary”.

“It is unlawful for Absa to release documentation to the police unless they have followed the processes requiring the issue of an S205 subpoena.”