Metro bus management addressing commuters after the halting bus operations in Gandhi Square. Picture: Nokuthula Zwane.

Johannesburg - Metro bus commuters shut down the Joburg CBD to voice their grievances on Wednesday morning. 

According to commuters they have been queuing in the bitter cold waiting for buses that hardly arrive on time. 

67-year-old Ntombi Radebe told The Star that she has been using the buses for years and had never experienced such incompetence. 

“I have been using these buses since the apartheid time. These buses are run by our people but things have gone worse” said Radebe. 

Over 50 passengers are protesting at Gandhi Square. 

Their cries are that the buses arrive late which has cost a number of passengers their jobs. Some work in areas such as Sandton and Randburg. 

Commuters say the buses have been a "daylight robbery" because there are days where buses don’t arrive at the stations.

Currently management is addressing the passengers. 

This is a developing story. More details later. 

The Star