When all else fails, contacts The Star's Anna Cox who will ensure that help gets to you.
John Rochford of Kew writes: I reported a collapsed stormwater pavement kerb inlet to the Joburg Roads Agency over three months ago, in Johannesburg Road, Kew. On following up, I was told that the situation is progressing - but nothing is happening.

I have tried to follow up on the matter but I seem to be passed around to different people. Initially the JRA informed me that, as far as they were concerned, the problem was fixed.

The collapsed storm water pavement kerb inlet that has now been fixed, thanks to The Star's intervention.

I informed them this was not the case. They then gave me another reference number and told me to contact the Norwood branch. I tried to make an appointment to meet, to no avail - I later received a phone call informing me that, as far as their records show, the problem was fixed. This is now over three months ago.

Rochford writes again: You will be pleased to hear that the problem has been resolved (September 10).

Thank you for your assistance in the matter.