MK Party accuses Orlando Stadium management of attempted sabotage

Inside the MK Party rally. Picture: Kamogelp Moichela / IOL

Inside the MK Party rally. Picture: Kamogelp Moichela / IOL

Published May 18, 2024


THE uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) has accused Orlando Stadium management of trying to sabotage its election manifesto launch.

The MK Party's national head of elections, Muzi Ntshingila, told Newszroom Afrika that the management of the stadium was preventing the party and its members from taking pictures and moving freely within the stadium.

This was as party president Jacob Zuma was due to deliver his keynote address to more than 30 000 party supporters at the stadium.

Some of them have travelled since the early hours of yesterday from as far as KZN to be at the Sowetan stadium.

Ntshingila said the party was facing a few challenges ahead of Zuma’s address.

“We are not allowed to take pictures. We are not allowed to move around the stadium and we are also not allowed to even do interviews.

“But, of course, we understand what we are faced with and we are very focussed towards this event and ensuring that this event is successful. So, whatever happens, it will not deter us because our objective is one, and that is to get a two-thirds majority in the elections,“ he said.

Inside and outside the stadium MKP members dressed in their party regalia sang and chanted Struggle songs in anticipation of Zuma’s address.

Some sang the famous Mshini Wam, while others sang the now-popular Wenzen’uZuma song.

This as party supporters from across the country travelled to ensure that the party stakes its claim in the May 29 elections.

Zuma, who was yet to speak by 3pm, was greeted amid loud cheers as he made his way into the stadium.

Ntshingila, who also spoke to the SABC, said the MKP was the only viable solution to the decay of the city of Joburg, adding that launching its manifesto in Soweto was to ensure that it returned the city to its former glory.

“The environment and the infrastructure have extremely deteriorated,” he said. “The level of joblessness and the level of crime are brazenly visible for everyone to see.

“So uMkhonto weSizwe is here to say we care. We will respond based on the circumstances and demands and uMkhonto weSizwe is your home.

“That is why we are coming to Soweto, particularly, Orlando West. It (the area) has a serious history with uMkhonto weSizwe leading up to Orlando East and, of course, Dube. But Orlando East is uMkhonto’s home,” he said.

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