Moja Love replaces Xolani Khumalo in the return of ‘Sizok’thola’

Xolani Maphanga. Picture: Social media

Xolani Maphanga. Picture: Social media

Published Feb 25, 2024


After Xolani Khumalo’s unpleasant departure as host of the “Sizok’thola” drug-busting show, Moja Love has announced that the show will return in April with Xolani Maphanga as presenter.

Maphanga is well known as the host of “X-Repo”, a show that assists those who have been harmed on a personal basis, whether the conflict is between friends, ex-partners, or family members.

Speaking about the new opportunity, Maphanga said they will be working tirelessly with communities in the fight against drugs.

“I have witnessed the impact of drugs on the youth, including how they leave families scarred for life, and it gives me great honour to contribute to a social justice programme and a show that tackles the scourge of drugs head-on. This is a fight we cannot win alone, so we will be working closely with communities and law enforcement to fight the scourge of drugs in our communities,” said Maphanga.

The channel’s co-heads, Shoki Zama and Livhuwani Dagada, expressed excitement over the return of one of its flagship series, “Sizok’thola”, with Maphanga at the helm.

“As a channel, we are deeply invested in contributing positively to our society, and we are aware of the impact of drugs, not only on the youth, but on the nation as a whole. Through ‘Sizok’thola’ and in collaboration with communities and law enforcement, we are of the firm belief that the show will contribute positively to the fight against drugs.

“Xolani is not new to Moja Love’s screens, as he currently presents ‘X-Repo’ and comes with a wealth of experience to deliver this captivating show. He will be sweeping the streets of South Africa clean together with law enforcement while rooting out drugs and exposing drug dealers, including drug lords. From the leafy suburbs to eKasi, Xolani will leave no stone unturned.”

The new season is nothing short of exciting, and viewers can look forward to some exhilarating changes, including the addition of sniffer dogs.

Last year, the channel announced that it had distanced itself from Khumalo, who is embroiled in the murder case of an alleged drug dealer who died last year during a drug bust.

Khumalo has also promised his followers that a new show is on the horizon in an interview with DJ Sbu.

“There is a new thing coming; I won’t talk much about it. People will see. It will be ‘Sizok’thola’ multiplied because what I didn’t have before, I have now. I am able to spread my wings. I am able to engage with the government to say let’s work, and they are willing to work with me. Because it was difficult then, when you came to the media, they would tell you about protocols. But now I have the foundation to say I can assist you guys. Let’s work together. I don’t want your money; I don’t want anything. I just want us to work together so that we can make our place a better place,” said Khumalo.