Murdah Bongz gets tongues wagging in T-shirt with AKA on it

DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz. Picture: Desire Seko

DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz. Picture: Desire Seko

Published Jun 19, 2023


Johannesburg - Another day, another controversy about Ntombezinhle "DJ Zinhle" Jiyane and her partner Bongani Mohosana, known as Murdah Bongz.

The pair's lives have been under surveillance since the passing of award-winning rapper Kiernan Forbes, known as AKA, and it seems social media is always fuelling judgements about them.

A recent picture of the former Black Motion’s Mohosana wearing a T-shirt with AKA on it has created a social media divide.

It has sparked massive chatter on standardised expectations that, according to social media users, arguably forbid Mohosana to celebrate AKA, whose ex is his partner.

Mohosana, who has taken on the duties of being a father to Kairo, the daughter of Jiyane and Forbes, has been sharing their fun times as a family. Despite the sea of criticism, others have lauded the music star for paying respect to the late rapper, who was gunned down in Durban on February 10.

Whether people learn to understand the dynamics of DJ Zinhle’s family structure or not, she said they were doing it for their children.

"Our family structure is built on peace, love, support, and the well-being of our kids. We will continue in this way; it really doesn't matter how many times there are debates about us. Maybe this is what needs to happen for people to start unlearning pride-driven habits that don't benefit our kids," said the DJ.

Other celebrities, such as Black Coffee, Lady Du, and Major League DJs, have poured into her social media accounts, showing support.

"Did it ever cross your minds that Murdah Bongz is going to raise Kairo with Zinhle, and probably one of the reasons he pays so much respect to AKA is simply for Kairo? He is more of a man than any of you insecure imbeciles can ever be," said MissKZa, defending Bongz.

"Bongz is exactly the guy they can't have and men can't be; your fragile ego gets bruised every time a black man shows his true emotions and loves and supports what he holds dear; black child, free yourself from the standardised societal expectations; Bong is heaven sent; Zinhle is lucky."

"This must be the most hated couple on Twitter. DJ Zinhle and Bongz are tryna live their lives bathong."

"Some of you are sleeping in beds, seating on sofas, or staying in houses bought by EXs, and yet you are loud over a T-shirt? Search your souls," said the Iron Duke, sharing their views.

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