New crime drama series showcases local talent

Kwenzo Ngcobo. Picture: Supplied

Kwenzo Ngcobo. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 21, 2024


Viewers are in for an exciting treat of television content with the new gripping local drama series featuring a star-studded cast.

“Soon Comes Night” is a riveting six-part crime drama produced by leading South African production company Ochre Moving Pictures, which premiered on Netflix Africa last week.

The film has well-known actors such as Kwenzo Ngcobo, Albert Pretorius, Gaosi Raditholo, Bahumi Mhlongo, Dintle Khunou, Sisanda Henna, and Anelisa Phewa.

The series follows Alex Shabane, a charismatic liberation hero turned heist king, played by Ngcobo, and Detective Sakkie Oosthuizen, a broken apartheid cop seeking redemption, played by Albert Pretorius.

Their lives intersect in a gritty crime drama that explores the complexities of morality and the blurred lines between good and bad.

"Soon Comes Night", directed by Thabang Moleya and Sanele Zulu and produced by Ilse van Hemert, delves into the story of these two complex men, both determined to prove themselves.

Inspired by actual events and a notorious heist legend, the series follows Shabane’s return to South Africa, where he resorts to crime when the promised “spoils of war” fail to materialise.

Ilse van Hemert, showrunner at Ochre Media, commented: ’Soon Comes Night’ is guaranteed to surprise you. Not a single episode turns out as you might expect. And Alex Shabane is an anti-hero like no other.

“We are thrilled to have produced ‘Soon Comes Night’, a meticulously crafted scripted series that promises to captivate audiences locally and globally with its compelling storyline and exceptional South African talent.

“Ochre Moving Pictures is committed to investing in original African stories that can attract a worldwide audience and contribute to a sustainable South African film and television industry,” said Stan Joseph, chief executive officer at Ochre Moving Pictures.

“Soon Comes Night” features a talented and award-winning cast, including Raditholo, who portrays the role of Lesedi, a single mother who inspired Shabane. Didintle Khunou plays Thato Sekoati, a police officer in “Born Free” who is haunted by her father’s death.

Kenneth Nkosi stars as Minister Zungu, while Henna plays Maseko, Zungu’s right-hand man. Mhlongo plays Lesedi, a young and brave journalist from the Sowetan.

Phewa, who plays a wild man, a loose cannon, and a tough character named Vincent, lives in a world of savagery -- kill or be killed.

Dippy Padi takes on the role of the infamous gangsta’s hot girlfriend, but Pearl knows his heart belongs to someone else.

Panch Gazela, a rising talent, portrays Toolz, the youngest member of Shabane's gang, who aspires to live a fast lifestyle.

Mavuso Msimang portrays Moskow as a sincere believer and idealist who remains committed to the cause as a battle hero.

It is reported that it will also air on SABC1 in 2025 and be distributed internationally by Red Arrow Studios.