Nimrod Nkosi takes on the world with Longrich Network Marketing

Veteran actor and presenter Nimrod Nkosi.Image:Supplied

Veteran actor and presenter Nimrod Nkosi.Image:Supplied

Published Aug 30, 2022


After 24 years in the TV industry, veteran actor and presenter Nimrod Nkosi is now selling sanitary pads from the back of his car.

Nkosi, who is a presenter for the Moja Love show “AmaBishop”, has occupied many roles on TV, including appearing on the SABC's “Jam Alley” and being known for the presentation of the Live Lotto draw.

Nkosi told “The Star” that he has now developed a new love for business and sells Long Rich sanitary pads whenever he gets the opportunity.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic had taught him and others in the acting industry that one cannot simply rely on one salary or source of income.

“Covid caught us off guard and it showed us that we should always have access to planning and saving. Some of my colleagues in the industry are in property and we are now realising that we can bring more income into our streams," Nkosi said.

Nkosi said he also does presentations for women’s groups where he sells these pads. He said for him to sell to women he had to understand the product and how the female body functions.

“For me it’s been a lesson to understand how the female body works as a man and to be able to relate with women better in better understanding their anatomy. For me I take it as a business and this is one of my products,” Nkosi said.

The former model said he was working on increasing his business acumen. He said he hoped to one day be an employer to others and prove that entrepreneurship is a tool out of poverty.

Nkosi is mentoring young people on social media and when he is invited for talks. He said he believed in grooming the future of South Africa and would use his foundation, the Nimrod Nkosi Foundation, to do that.

“I have started a foundation and whatever I can make and put in the foundation is meant to help our black people in rural areas. I hope to adopt a poor child and those that are struggling but have potential,” Nkosi said.

Nkosi said he was shooting an interesting series on SABC and had more projects lined up. He will be celebrating 25 years in the TV industry next year.

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