PA leader Gayton McKenzie puts his name forward as WC premier candidate

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie. Picture: Itumeleng English / Independent Newspapers

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie. Picture: Itumeleng English / Independent Newspapers

Published Feb 27, 2024


Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie has thrown his hat into the ring as a premier candidate for Western Cape and PA presidential candidate in the upcoming general elections.

On Monday, McKenzie who was the mayor of the Central Karoo District, made his intentions of unseating the DA in the province known.

“On Baiza Nie has deployed me to what many deems as mission impossible, removing the DA from the Western Cape. We are about to expose that myth. I graciously accepted the assignment to also be the premier candidate of the Western Cape. ‘Die ding kom ruk,’” McKenzie said on social media on Monday.

In a statement confirming the announcement, the party said a meeting in George this past weekend concluded that McKenzie should represent the party as its premier candidate in the province.

“At a meeting of the Patriotic Alliance National Executive Committee in George in the Western Cape this past weekend, it was agreed that the PA leader Gayton McKenzie will stand in as the party’s premier candidate for the Western Cape.

“Our leader has already distinguished himself in the province as the executive mayor of the Central Karoo and has a bold vision for governing the Western Cape, which has become a stronghold for the PA, a demonstrated by the recent by-election wins in the province,” the party said.

It said McKenzie remained its presidential candidate for the national elections.

“As the leader of the party, McKenzie will simultaneously stand as the PA’s presidential candidate, in the event that the PA is in the position to enter into a national coalition after the May 29 elections. That possibility will be explored, but leader McKenzie has committed himself to leading the Western Cape, as it is now clear that the province will be severely hung and the PA is likely to emerge as a kingmaker, including Gauteng which being contested by the PA deputy president, Kenny Kunene,” the party said.