President Ramaphosa makes section 89 deadline

President Cyril Ramaphosa has met the deadline for the Section 89 Inquiry.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has met the deadline for the Section 89 Inquiry.

Published Nov 7, 2022


Johannesburg - President Cyril Ramaphosa has met the deadline for the Section 89 Inquiry.

On Sunday, Ramaphosa delivered his submission to the Section 89 Independent Panel of experts. The panel, which was appointed in September, is investigating whether Ramaphosa violated the country’s constitution.

It is expected to begin its assessment of whether he has a case to answer on constitutional grounds from Monday, November 7 through Friday, November 17, 2022.

The president has repeatedly refused to provide details of the robbery at his Limpopo game farm, Phala Phala, in February 2020. An alleged $4 million in cash, which was stuffed in furniture, was stolen.

Ramaphosa was given 10 days, from October 28 until Sunday, November 6, to respond to the submitted information. The panel is tasked with assessing a draft motion brought by the African Transformation Movement (ATM) which called for Ramaphosa’s removal from office.

ATM leader Vuyo Zungula invoked Section 89(1) of the Constitution and National Assembly Rule 129(A) to remove Ramaphosa from office, on the grounds of serious misconduct and violation of the law.

Ramaphosa's spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya, confirmed that the president had made his submission to the inquiry, adding that the president was committed to seeing the matter finalised.

"The president’s submission affirms his committed cooperation with due process. President Ramaphosa has always made certain that throughout his tenure as president, he abides by his oath of office and sets an example in his respect for the constitution, its institutions, due process, and the rule of law. President Ramaphosa categorically denies that he violated this oath in any way and denies that he is guilty of any of the allegations made against him," Magwenya said.

Before the looming deadline, the ATM said it was concerned that Ramaphosa might ask for an extension.

"We hope that the announcement by Ramaphosa's spokesperson—that he will not require an extension beyond the deadline of today—will be respected, and that if any such extension is requested, it should be rejected.

"The panel should not participate in giving him more time to unlawfully cover his tracks," the party said.

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