Protesters on march to Union Buildings calling for illegal migrants to go

South Africa - 02 March 2023. Ampitheatre of the Union Buildings in Pretoria Picture: Oupa Mokoena/African News Agency(ANA)

South Africa - 02 March 2023. Ampitheatre of the Union Buildings in Pretoria Picture: Oupa Mokoena/African News Agency(ANA)

Published May 31, 2023


Johannesburg - More than 30 organisations from across the country will be marching to the Union Buildings in Tshwane tomorrow to demand the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants and for South Africans to be put first.

Under the banner of Voice It In Action, organisations from across the length and breadth of the country have united and will be demanding that the government start implementing and enforcing the country’s immigration laws to the benefit of South African citizens struggling to thrive under the current status quo.

Kgothatso Moloto, president of Voice It In Action and a member of the steering committee, said the march was a culmination of all the efforts done by various entities that had for a long time demanded that South Africans be put first.

Moloto said that as individuals, the groups realised that not much change or action was coming forth from the relevant authorities, and perhaps uniting might yield better results.

“It takes a true leader to bring people together to be led and make a real difference. Our mandate is simple: we want illegal immigrants to be deported with immediate effect and the implicated countries to also come to the party and account because we can’t blame the individuals.

“We can’t be taking on the burdens of other countries while we have our own problems to attend to. As South Africans, we opened our hearts and homes to our brothers, and now we are being stabbed, with some selling fake goods, killing us slowly, human trafficking, stealing children, and accepting below the minimum wage, which disables South Africans from negotiating above the minimum wage,” he said.

Moloto said as it stood, South Africans were being blasted every time they voiced their concerns around the negative impact of illegal immigrants, while other African countries were allowed to be strict on people coming into their countries and the business they conducted. “Standing aside and letting this continue is killing the country as a whole, petty crimes, destruction of infrastructure, illegal connections, and hijacked buildings where they are not paying for services and living there in large numbers and closer to opportunities.

“Our country and people are dying because we gave our brothers an opportunity and they are taking advantage. We are not saying we don’t want foreigners; all we are demanding is that they come to our country legally,” he said.

The marchers will gather at Burgers Park in Pretoria around 8am and proceed to the Union Buildings to demand an audience with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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