Ramaphosa admits to ANC’s mistakes over past 30 years

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledges his party has made mistakes. Photographer Ayanda Ndamane/Independent Newspapers

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledges his party has made mistakes. Photographer Ayanda Ndamane/Independent Newspapers

Published May 6, 2024


Lies, hypocrites, selfish, incompetent and greedy. This how the majority of people are describing the governing party, with few days leading to the national and provincial elections.

Amos Nkomo of Mamelodi in Pretoria, said one can no longer trust the ANC as they say this and mean a totally different thing.

He said even some of the ANC members themselves were not sure of where they stood due to the hypocritical behaviour of their organisation.

“We hear that their president (Cyril Ramaphosa) says they have made mistakes, and they are fixing them but it’s always the case.

“For us ordinary people, all we have seen is comrades getting richer, and corruption being the order of the day. Our lives are deteriorating daily and none of the so-called leaders care a damn about us, except during this time,” Nkomo said.

Edward Mosia of Sebokeng in the Vaal, said it was not a new phenomenon that ANC leaders would conveniently realise their mistakes during elections, but were quick to forget after people have voted them back into power.

“The problem with the ANC leadership is that in every election they apologise, in every election they acknowledge mistakes but after the elections they do nothing to prove that their apology and acknowledgement were sincere,” Mosia said.

This after Ramaphosa acknowledged that as an organisation, they (the ANC) had made mistakes and that they were humbling themselves and trying to correct those mistakes.

He said the work that the ANC did for the past 30 years was visible for all to see.

“The country we inherited in 1994 is nothing like the country we have grown into today. South Africa has changed. Those who refuse to acknowledge it want to keep your eyes closed.

“We have made mistakes. We have humbled ourselves and admitted where we have gone wrong. Our focus is on fixing those mistakes and are working hard to renew the ANC,” he added.

Twenty-eight-year-old Itumeleng Mokoena of Midrand, said what the ANC president meant by mistakes was that for the past 30 years, ANC comrades corrupted the country and left millions of its citizens unemployed, especially the youth.

Mokoena said millions of rand were waisted on a state capture commission, adding that none of the people named at the commission have faced jailed time.

“All the ANC did was to destroy the economy, the education system, our ports, post office, SAA and our railways. The list is endless… Now there’s no load shedding because they want to bribe us in order to put them back into power again,” he said.

Mokoena, however, said he agreed with Ramaphosa in that everyone was able to see the damage the ANC has done over the past 30 years.

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