Shebeshxt asks fans to pray for him alleging there are people plotting to kill him

Shebesxht. Picture: Instagram

Shebesxht. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 7, 2024


Shebesxht, real name Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke, has left his fans alarmed after claiming that there are certain people plotting to kill him.

Chauke wrote a post on his Instagram account saying: “They hired people to kill me. Pray for me.”

While people were still in shock, a traditional healer, identified as Mkhulu Qheba, shared a video with a stern warning to Shebeshxt about his life.

He explained a message was shared with him about Shebeshxt and further cautioned him against eating and drinking when he performs in the Vaal.

“I was taken to a place. This place is in the Vaal. It looks like Sweet Pops lifestyle, I don’t know if there are people who know Sweet Pops Lifestyle. So you were in one of the sections with Mkhulu. But within the sections you were creating a barrier ... And the barrier you are creating had light in the middle.”

Mkhulu added: “When Shebe comes to perform he must be careful ... his downfall will be a woman. She will bring him a spiked drink or food that will have muthi. And this girl with say Shebe has raped her.

“This is the message that I got from uMKhulul, “ said the traditional healer in a video on social media.

Chauke has been one of the most talked-about music stars in South Africa since he was released from jail.

Reports of his release from prison on charges including attempted murder, assault, property damage, and a firearm discharge were only one of the many things that made him controversial.

His music became more well known while he also garnered thousands of fans.

His notoriety has seen him bag deals with major brands and recently disclosed that he had finalised an agreement with the Italian winery Lamborghini Wines.

“Ka Time, Ka Nako!” exclaimed Shebeshxt on his X page. “It is the present moment. President ya ma 2K looking and feeling good in a suit. I present to you a gift box brought to you by Lamborghini. Get Champagne glasses and let’s pop. One day retlo popa. Twerka.”

He also recently released a song ‘Twerka’ with DJ Maphorisa that sparked controversy on social media.

DJ Maphorisa fired back at unfavourable comments on his Instagram account after announcing the release of the song.

A flood of comments began to pour in, with many expressing their discontent with the song, to which the well-known musician responded furiously.

With almost 4 000 comments on the post, DJ Maphorisa uploaded a narrative on his account saying that he was bored of commenting, having responded to the majority of them with little interest in them while swearing back at others.

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