Shebeshxt lambasted after reckless gun stunt

Shebeshxt. Picture: Instagram.

Shebeshxt. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 8, 2024


Shebeshxt, real name Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke, has been criticised after his reckless gun stunt, spurring a fervent debate over gun restrictions in South Africa.

The latest controversy did not come as a shock to many, as his rise to prominence has primarily been fuelled by plenty of encounters that have been raising eyebrows.

In a video shared on social media, the star is seen reaching into his backpack for his gun and flashing it in front of throngs of fans while performing.

For those who follow him, seeing him land several gigs and see his fan base grow has been an amazing marvel, but with his strong persona to the contrary, the key question is: how will that keep him going any longer?

Many of Shebeshxt’s fans fear his stunts are gradually hurting his reputation as an artist, making him more vulnerable to criticism because of his continued violent temperament.

Having recently apologised after being seen physically assaulting someone on camera, brandishing a gun at fans during a performance has led to further concern.

Social media users have mostly been critical, pointing out that brandishing a gun is illegal and outlining the risks involved.

Reacting to the widely circulated video, radio broadcaster Sizwe Dhlomo, said: “This is against the law.”

Shebeshxt has previously faced criticism related to firearms.

On charges that were later dropped, last year he was charged with two counts of discharging a firearm after he allegedly fired shots in the air at a family home in Ga-Mamaola village, Limpopo.

He also recently made claims that some unidentified people were plotting to get him killed.

On his Instagram page, Shebeshxt shared the following post: “They hired people to kill me. Pray for me.”

His fame has seen him sign contracts with well-known companies; most recently, he revealed that he had reached an agreement with Lamborghini Wines, an Italian winery.

“Ka Time, Ka Nako!” exclaimed Shebeshxt on his X page. “It is the present moment. President ya ma 2K looking and feeling good in a suit. I present to you a gift box brought to you by Lamborghini. Get champagne glasses, and let’s pop. One day, Retlo Popa Twerka,” he posted.